No Room for Regret.

Life is made of the decisions we make.
Simply our choices,
Whether good, or maybe bad.
It’s something we all know,
And, the world around us sees.
Yet, even as I write these words,
I have come to believe,
That the story of our life,
Has already been written.
Our story has thus been told.
How can we then live life with any regrets?
Always looking back,
Reflecting on the past.
Life is simply here, and now.
There is a lesson, behind every choice.
Savor the lesson,
And, simply move on.
Yet, leave any regret behind.
For the present,
Leaves no room for regret.
Our story will unfold as it was written to be.  HB


About hrschbw

Hello, I'm Herschel. And, I'll be the first to say, that I am not a writer. Although, there was a day, long ago, that I considered writing as a career. Yet, life took me in a totally different direction. Today, I find myself just putting my thoughts down, simply with pen and paper. I'm a little old-fashioned maybe, in that sort of way. I simply find myself writing about whats real, and relevant to me, based off what life has given me. If what I write touches you, then my heart is truly at ease. For what it tells me, lets me know, that we are truly in this thing called "Life" together. And so, I thank each of you for taking the time to stop by, for liking my writings, and giving me the honor, that you would somehow follow me. And, so, I'm not a writer, a poet, or even perhaps a great blogger. All I can simply say, is that I write from a heart that's real, a place that somewhere along the way, I forgot existed.
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